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tv   News  ABC  December 24, 2010 6:30am-7:00am EST

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possible. we are holding out hope for some flakes out here. he think that would be a good thing for everybody, right? and hopefully not a travel problem. sunday, there's strong storm offshore. indications are 80% that there will be accumulating snow in ocean city. for us back to salisbury, our chances in baltimore are down to 40%. today dry and breezy. we are 29 in town. 30 in easton and looking for a gradual dropping of the winds and some increasing lake clouds going for 39. more on the snow outlook in a moment. right now, alexis davies has a check on traffic for baltimore. right in. >> reporter: that's right. baltimore roadways and the baltimore roadways are looking very good this morning. still seeing very lighter than normal volume. no major delays to speak of. traveling on the 95 corridor up towards the newark toll plaza great news. no delays there. it's open and flowing freely. traveling elsewhere, we have the accident 97 southbound just after ben fells boulevard.
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northbound 97 froman arundel county is incident free. looking live at the roadways here, the beltway, top side of providence road is a smooth commute. charlie. >> thanks a lot. it's 6:30. holiday travel underway in the nation as people begin taking to the road and air in time to make it home for christmas. however this year, extra challenges could be in front of you. we have the story. >> reporter: travelers hoping to make it home for the holidays are besieged by all kind of problems. snow, mud slides, even terror threats. despite that, millions of americans boarding plains, trains and automobiles to get home for christmas. passengers traveling by air face a new security alert this morning as airports screeners will be extra focused on thermos insulated beverage containers. agents say there is not a specific terror plot but they are concerned. that means things could be even slower than usual at security checkpoints. >> at this point, you have to do what keeps people safe.
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and if that means more extra screening time, and you have to show up earlier, it could be ben fillet physician in the long run. >> reporter: those traveling by automobiles bedeviled by weather hazards are paying more for hitting the highways. for the first time in two years, the national average for a regular gallon of gas jumped over the $3 mark. that's up more than 13% from just last year and 76% higher than two years ago. >> on a national average basis, we have never made $3 a gallon on christmas eve or on christmas. >> reporter: despite the potential obstacles, folks are not staying home. aaa estimates more than 92 million americans will travel 50 miles or more from home this holiday, that's 3% more than last year. nine out of 10 will travel by car and almost 3 million will fly. >> during challenging economic times there's battle between the heart strings and purse strings and usually the heart strings win out. >> reporter: abc news new york.
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welcome back. rains stopped in california but communities are beginning to clean up the mess. monica morton and her family watched as the mud and water tore up the neighborhood and started to pour into their house. take a look. >> the curtin and water rushing up to the patio. oh, my god, we are going to die. >> i don't feel safe. because if this happened, it could happen next year. it could happen a couple month again after we are done fixing the house again. so, it's better to just move on. >> reporter: the torrential flood of water swept away vehicles and left them stuck
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under several feet of mud. workers are trying to dig them out by hands and bulldozers are trying to clean up the streets and move the mountains of dirt. christmas decorations and mailbox are buried under 4 feet of mud in sop places. the water is flowing through the streets and cleanup could take weeks or months. a sink hole nearly swallowed the front end of a fire truck in florida. firefighters were heading to help block traffic because water main break. that's when the front end of the truck with three firefighters inside dropped down into the road. a special tow truck was called in and they were able to hoist the front end up and roll truck out. that was something to see. fire truck appears to be in work condition after being pulled out of the sink hole. nothing puts you in the holiday spirit like a back breaking manual labor. more than 400 packer fans spent the day shoveling out lambeau field, the frozen tundra of lambeau field getting rade for the game on sunday. it puts beer money in the fans
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'pockets. they get paid 8 bucks an hour that's what i call a community service. we can't get enough of the stories. an early christmas gift tore three girls. their dad, a u.s. soldier, surprise them by showing up at school. one of the girls wrote a letter to santa saying all i want is my dad to come home because i've not soon my daddy. he is in the army. with a little help from mom and santa, army medic shocked his little girls. >> special guest. >> daddy. daddy. >> this is one for the ages. i will never forget it. >> and welcome home. he will be home for the next two weeks before he has to report back. he is likely headed back to afghanistan coming up next year. well, before santa head out in the sleigh, he need to take a break from making toys e was out wind surfing in canada. yes, canada. it was snowing.
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this is not the real santa. did you think it was? he dress up in red and goes out on the icy lake ontario every year in order to raise awareness for the homeless. this morning, we want to show you the picture of the day. this is what we tried to show you about ten minutes ago. this is 5-year-old evie all dressed up for christmas. comes from mary beth our floor director and quite possibly the sweetest lady on earth. like we said, if you have interesting photographs like this, get those to us at or you can get them to us by e-mail at morning show at so mary beth is doing a happy dance right now in the studio. yeah. >> gm is recalling about 100,000 vehicles to fix two problems that could cause the rear axle to lock and the passenger side air bag to fail. gm says the air bag recall affects 2005 to 07 model versions of the cadillac, cts, axle recall affects 2011 model
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year versionss of the escalade. avalanche and silverado and sierra all of those popular vehicles. so check for the recalls. well, contaminated alfamiliar if a sprouts may have -- alfamiliar -- alpha if a sprods may have made people sick. our preliminary investigation shows a possible link between alfalfa sprouts. many had eaten at jimmy john's. and the founder of the chain says the supplier conducted salmonella test and the results are negative. get in shape. eat healthier. quit my job. be fired from my jobch that's what workers plan to do. according to a survey by manpower, 84% of people who have jobs say they will look for a new gig. that's up just 60% from last year. experts say employees are ready to call it quits because they have been stuck in the same position throughout the recession and they are feeling a little bit of cabin fever.
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well, coming up in one catonsville neighborhood they said they had enough. vandals slashing tires and messing up the gas tanks. how the police can help catch the culprits. plus, it was christmas decoration the entire family worked on together which makes this theft more heart breaking. who is the grinch that stole the grinch? and it was all in the name of charity. that's what one elementary school principal told the kidies as he danced around in a pink tutu. we are back in a bit. 6:41. looking at maryland's most powerful doppler radar, and we are dry. clear skies and temperatures in the 20s. and we have got winds pushing 20 miles per hour 26-mile-per-hour gusting in glen burnie. we are back with the christmas weekend forecast in a moment. alexis. >> reporter: we have an accident 97 southbound. i will tell you how it will affect your commute next. stay with us. 3q
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now "good morning, maryland." and good morning. on this christmas eve i am charlie crowson. megan is off.
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this is your abc2 to go. let's get started off with meteorologist justin berk. what's going on weather wise. >> reporter: 6 whether 44. i want to get down to the basics so we can spend more time looking at the storm. 39 today. that's going to be the high temperature. maybe up to the low 40s in some spots. but we should have more sunshine and we should be look at the morning winds now pushing 20 miles per hour greater in some spots and calling down in the afternoon. tonight down to 23. and this should wet whistle a hill bit. christmas day especially afternoon and evening flurries or light snow possible. a coating that's a possibility. we will go for 36 and talk more about the rest of the holiday weekend and the storm in a moment. alexis. >> reporter: thank you. we have an accident 97 southbound at route 32. earlier, both the north and southbound lanes on 9 # were shut down here at route 32 because one of the vehicles was blocking the northbound side. both lanes have been reopened. both side have been reopened.
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police are on the scene directing traffic. so follow their direction there. elsewhere, northbound 97 looking good traveling from anne arundel county up to the beltway. and the beltway is running incident free. here live look at u.s. route 50 at i-97 in annapolis. look good on both eastbound and westbound sides. charlie. >> reporter: alexis thanks. time is 14 minutes before 7. police are investigating the discovery of a woman's body found in arizona side of lake meade. discovery comes more than a week after the disappearance of debbie flores narvaez. cheryl conner is live with the details. what's going on this morning. >> reporter: good morning. on this christmas eve, the family and friends of debbie flores farvaez are awaiting identity of the body found. they held onto hope for several days. look at video from the sister station in las vegas showing the area where the body was found yesterday. you can see it's remote desert area near the hoover dam.
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two hikers, a man and his girlfriend, reported to police that ate a-- it appeared the body was burned. debbie flores-narvaez hats been make national headlines this week. she worked as washington redskins clear leader ambassador before moving to vegas two years ago to pursue her dream of dancing. most recently, she was working as a burlesque dancer in a show at the luxor casino. earlier this week, we talked to her friend in anne arundel county. >> a sweet girl. she is so caring and free spirited and we have a lot of the same taste in music and stuff hike that. she is great. >> reporter: flores narvaez was seen sunday when she told a roommate she was going to see an ex-boyfriend. in october, that man was charged with abusing her. he is called a person of interest but not yet a suspect in the disappearance. family members had been in las vegas this week helping police
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track down any leads. we will bring you updates on this story throughout the day. cheryl corn, abc2 news. >> thanks a lot. we will continue to follow the story of debbie flores narvaez on the for the latest updates, head and there check it out. baltimore city police are investigating a triple shooting involving teenagers in west baltimore. one of them a 14-year-old was shot in the head and is listed in serious condition this morning. it happened at the 1,000 block of ash burton around 7:30. the teens were standing outside a house and in addition to the 14-year-old a.15 and 17-year- old were also shot. >> at this point, we know there was at least one shooter but we don't have much information about a suspect. homicide detectives have transported individuals to homicide where they are hoping to extract information from them that will lead to a suspect. that 14-year-old who was shot in the head is listed in serious condition at shock trauma.
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the other two victims didn't sustain life-threatening injuries and are expected to be okay. oop arrest has been made in the shooting of a coppin state university student. officers makeeled -- picked up 19-year-old michael jones. he is accused of attempting to murder dale dunn who was shot during a robbery he's walked from a mall. police say dunn was on the phone with his mother when he was shot. dunn is a track star and jamaican student at the school on scholarship. an anne arundel county grand jury indicted a man on a hit-and-run crash. was indicted on the charge of homicide and leaving the scene of a crash involving a death. police say the judge was driving on east -- judge was driving on east bay road in bay ridge about # in the morning january 1st when he struck and killed 40-year-old alfred bird of annapolis. police say judge didn't stop but turned himself in the next day.
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vandals in catonsville slashed tires repeatedly in the past several weeks and police fear it's reaching a boil point. some victims in the community have bun spending thousands of dollars not only repolicing the tires, but also installing security cameras and motion sensor lighting a new neighbors reported vandals putting sugar in the gas tanks leading to costly repairs. >> you feel safe? >> no i don't park my car around here anymore. i have to park my car three or four blocks away and walk home in the cold just because i am scared they are going to vandalize my car again. >> at least one victim was captured or has captured images of the vappeddals but police say the video is too granny to id suspects. a high school in alganey county is scans-- algeany county is -- allegany county is cracking down on a dance hoping to crackdown on dirty dancing. students ignored the appropriate behavior guidelines developed
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by the student government. now the spring prom is in jeopardy. schools all over the u.s. are currently dealing with dirty dancing by canceling the events or making kids sign contracts prohibiting any sexy moves they want to throw out on the dance floor. basketball soup he star and baltimore native carmelo act any and his family are mourning the death of his sister. she died tuesday night here in baltimore of a preexisting medical condition. a spokesman for the nudge says anthony left the team to be with the family right now. his sister leaves behind four children. and the navy midshipmen were under watter in the . seta boy in the -- poinsettia bowl. they went down two scores against san diego state and were never able to rebound. navy loses to sdsu in san diego 35-14. the midshipmen finished the record 9-4 on the yen. congratulationses to them. on the year.
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congratulations to them. would you want to prepare for the ravens game on sunday once the christmas celebration is over. after bead beating the saints last sunday, i was there, the ravens head to cleveland to play the browns. kick off for that game is set for one. this is an amazing story. could dna evidence settle a mystery of where john will, booth was buried? for years his desendents say abraham lincoln's assassin escaped soldiers and lived for 30 years under an alias. that contraducts the official story that says he was shot and killed less than two weeks after he killed the president. family thinks he is buried here in baltimore and a historian hopes to have the body of booth's broke exhumed from massachusetts and then he will compare the dna between the two to see if in fact it belongs to john will, booth. one howard county elementary school got a special treat before the holiday break. the principal prancing around in a tutu. students at veteran's elementary
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school participated in the coins for kids program. they put their change in several jars. each one a different humiliating stunt to be performed by a member of the faculity. >> the first grade team offered a hanna mop tana number and teacher offered to gres up -- dress up as a dancer and this. >> how did you know you wouldn't wear it. >> i thought we would stuff mr. russel a jar i think i lost out on that. >> voter fraud. voter fraud. right there. if anyone -- is anyone honest. it made money for the food bank and they raised more than a thousand dallas -- dollars. another one is planned for february and that goes to a charity providing clean drinking watter to developing nation. you heard of the grinch who stole christmas n. fallston someone stole the grin. the family build a bright green grinch statue and placed it in the front yard. for five years it was the hit of
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the neighborhood. just after christmas last year, someone took the heavy plywood statue from the lawn and they have been trying to fix it and find it and they put a add on craigslist for someone to bring it home. >> we came out one morning and it was gone. the dogs were there but the grinch was gone. we went and looked and thought maybe it blew away or kids might have taken it burks we never did find it. it was nothing to come home and find people pulled over to the side of the road getting pictures with their kids or whoever. so, we got pictures of all the families. santa claus was there. it was -- i miss it. >> the family says the handmade grinch real value is because they made it together. if you know where the grinch might be hiding, please call maryland state police. of:54. we are clear this morning -- 6:54. we are clear this morning. we have skipped ahead of the dry day today with the winds easing up. we will see cloud because of this system.
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i want to talk with some others online about this. including the famous their foote and we have confirmation from each other we are seeing the same thing. there's moisture forming ahead of this system in texas pulled through missouri. and a lot of moisture in the northern stromb across the northern plains. that's not something that the computer models are giving full credit to. which means we could be look at something that's not being handled well but our computer models which is why i am holding there's chance the storm doesn't completely bee blowout to sea. we are dry and watching all the energy in texas pull north and watching the northern branch and snows basically missouri iowa and illinois and place that is have it. it's no big deal. watch the storm push to the south. there will be a big storm off the coast. the question is what does that mean for us? snow in atlanta, georgia and northbound on christmas day. light snow and flurries around here. maybe a coating if we are lucky. and we watch the storm offshore. yes, the heaviest snow is along
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the coast and it will be blizzard conditions come sunday and monday in new england. but for us, this is how eye see it and for ocean city, they will have a 2 to 4 inch snowstorm or more. and one you head to easton across the bay, a 40% chance it pulls further west and close to us. stay tuned online. we are following it. a chance of light snow tomorrow and sunday for that storm off the coast and monday snow showers and 30. >> reporter: look at roadways, we are seeing thriernt normal volume this morning. no major delays to speak of traveling the top or west side of the beltway. looking good traveling on 95 up towards the newark toll plaza. we are told there are no delays approaching the toll plaza. you should have no problem traveling on the morning. taking a look also around the roadways. we have got accidents southbound 97 at route 32. two vehicles involved. earlier both side of 97 were shut down but they have been reopened. charlie. >> all right many thanks.
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our news continues. we are up 24 hours a day on the news continues right now from new york for "good morning, america." we will see you back at nine. [ groaning ] whoa, whoa! [ car alarm blaring ] we got this. holiday decorating runs on dunkin', with our delicious gingerbread lattes, gingerbread donuts and gingerbread muffins.
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